Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Dairy - A second source of revenue

The primary source of revenue for the Riber Valley Railway is the coal mine, however I had always fancied using a transporter wagon a la Leek & Manifold so I decided to build a dairy with a railway siding to load standard gauge bulk milk tankers for London, these would be carried on said transporter wagon.
So I bought a Lilliput "Rollwagen" and the Hornby 6 wheel tanker seen below as they came out of the box paired with Riber

Some time ago I had bought a Pola kit which I thought might come in handy for a bit of bashing so it formed the basis for the dairy

The first stage was to paint the kit and then assemble the basic structure

I added an extra sliding door to the side. then needed a loading dock to the side the cover of which started life as part of the Wills Platform canopy. On the other side I have adapted the Dapol / Airfix platform canopy to provide a covered tanker loading area. So seen below is the finished article which I think works pretty well

Thats the last building before I start layout construction......I think!

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